Chelsea Hotel

Daria Moryakova


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It was hard for me to resist Dasha when I first met her under the alias Chelsea Hotel.
As magic as her pseudonym is her nest. One of Stalin's 7 skyscrapers often referred to as the 7 sisters, she sets a small table at the oversized balcony that wraps around one of the towers which is shared by non existent neighbor. A bottle of wine, sausages and cheese never tasted better.
Chelsea, as I like to call her, is a magician with words. Her magic these days extend to the tarot. Her long and delicately decorated fingers are enough to put her subjects in a trance but this ability transcends the in-person experience to her style of writing. Her first book of poems is about to be published and she's only in her early twenties.
Look forward to more cowboy zen in the years to come.

"You have it but you can pretend you don't"

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I think your life is an illusion, but it’s also a poetry which you write and rewrite over and over again. The dream is repeating. I’m trying to catch a rhythm by the tail like a lizard. Funny thing: when I manage to do it, I will be left with nothing but a shaking tail in my hand.

Be aware of your past but don’t let it rule you. Use your mind like a beautiful weapon but don’t let it hurt you. Watch signs. Remember numbers. Why? Why not? Get on the roller coaster.

I was born here, I moved 6 times, I’ve seen 6 different variations of the city, I’ve lived 6 lives.

Become a character in my movie. Get on the roller coaster. I remember you well.

The cover of my first poetry book is peachy-pink. The color of mother nature is green. It’s all about optics. I like to see things through pink and green. Do you?

A Witch In The Castle (coming soon)

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COWBOY ZEN (coming soon)

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