Daniella Oviedo Ponte


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I’m an architect and a multidisciplinary artist based in Madrid influenced strongly by The Bauhaus and artists like Kandinsky, Vasarely and Esher for the development of a volumetric parallel reality I call “Architectonic Imposibilia”, a tool that expresses the deepest exploration of my mind's layers.

“The day is Today, the moment is Now”

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Green Glass
Mixed Media (acrylic paint, colored pencils, ink, graphite) on gray cardboard

"Green Glass is the filter I use to make a subjective observation of an specific moment. A relaxing POV
of a struggle from a safe place, where green transforms the dark into harmony and freshness, allowing me to make the correct choice.

Daniella en su estudio

a % of sales from this model go to the artist

STILLNESS (coming soon)

  • Square One
  • Black Frame
  • Grey to Pink lens
  • Black dot